Welcome To My Corrupted Soul

I want you to see me for who I truly am

On the surface I am attractive – very appealing to the human eye

 But when you peel the layers of my physical nature

My contents are as dark and lonely as a winter night

I dream of dark fantasies that can only be classified as ungodly acts

My actions pull me closer to a world of sin yet I relish in this gruesome euphoria

My curves are those of my crooked ways.

Sermons of how damned the sinners are

I try to change but I can’t imagine a life of righteousness

A hypocritical life is no life for people like me

I care for no consequences because I feel no regret

I enjoy watching my woes drown in agony that I myself so boldly caused

I gleefully slumber as I dream of their tortured and hopeless faces

I’m addicted to tarnishing my already tainted soul

I feel no shame knowing that people think I have no emotions

Why feel for a world that does not feel for itself?

No remedy can cure me because I am so intoxicated by this bliss

Do not waste your prayers on me for my soul is already at peace

Published by kimberlykuya

Memes, Food and Sarcasm. Just a lil bit of make up

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