Dear Adam,

Dear Adam,

I should have written this sooner but what is life if it isn’t for all the wasted opportunities and the regret that follows right? You know I like listening to Paul McCartney. You should too. I really should have forced as many Beatles albums into your head. How could I have not taught you what real music should sound like? My deepest regret. 70s, 80s music is something every generation should experience. Please don’t think I don’t like the music of nowadays. Adam, I know how much you love listening to Bruno Mars and James Blunt but there is just a way that Ben E King will move your soul. I left some Vinyl Records in the pink box that’s just under our bed. I want you to hear every single one. I really hope you listen to me this once.

Promise me, when you are free, do read philosophical books. You like fictional fantasies, I know but at least read Paradise Lost by John Milton. It has a lot to live by. ‘The mind is in its own place  and in itself can make hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell.’ This world is lonely dear. The only way we can hide from the reality of this cruel existence is to hide between the lines of great books.

Quid datur a divis felici optatius hora? What is given  by the gods that is greater than the happy hour? Never live a life where you only speak one language. Explore and feed your mind with knowledge. It’s honorable to speak another language. I’d advice you take Latin. I know what you are thinking darling, ‘why is she making me do this?!’. Imagine speaking the same language as Caesar. It’s indeed hard but it is worth it. Any one with an old soul would appreciate you the way I did.

Life is about the pleasures. I want you to enjoy the patterns the stars make in the middle of the night. How the water slithers down your throat on a summer’s day. How the earth smells early in the morning. I wish I made more memories with you Adam but my comfort is knowing at least I have some memories with you. Do you remember that night in the car? I just couldn’t stop staring into your eyes. All I could think of is how I’d never want to stop looking so deep into your beautiful soul. You couldn’t stop holding my hand. It was really cold but I couldn’t picture holding anything else and feeling that ecstatic rush. You told me that we are going to grow old together. That was the truest moment we’ve ever shared and I would go back to that night for eternity, just to feel that kind of love over and over.

My last is to tell you that I will surely miss you. Our different worlds collided creating the most beautiful life I’d ever wish to have. You gave that to me my love. You brought so much color to my world and I to yours. I’m really glad we never grew up. We were just as reckless as the day we first met. Our beautiful story is not over yet darling. I’m still going to see you again. I don’t know how long it will take but I’ll be patient. After all, good things come to those who wait. Remember that I love you Adam. More than the clouds.



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